Brexit/trump a wakeup Call.



This post is a quick reaction, in relation to the political fall out of this last night and this morning!

It has been an interesting year so far, how it will be looked at in 10 years is an interesting one to consider. My kids are especially shocked at the decisions ‘grown-ups’ have made!  Politics in the UK and USA globally has built metaphorical walls, become isolationist and right wing in temperament. Pundits and reporters claim Brexit and US elections are votes  against the political elite, which is a little ironic if you think about it for a moment.

What can we learn here as faith communities, about those we serve and minister to? Is it to shout louder, into a cauldron of apathy, for those who are marginalised and rebuffed; the widow, orphan, Syrian, Iraqi and Afgan? How do we stand and be counted if the tide is against us? If we God forbid are seen as establishment, how do we change?

Within our communities how are the voices of discontent heard and valued properly and from them how can we grow as disciples and build Gods Kindom?

Let me be vulnerable for a moment, I do not understand why people voted trump or voted to leave the EU, I don’t get it. Perhaps that makes me establishment or blinkered. What I need to do, and perhaps the church alongside is to reengage with that alternative view, that perhaps has been stifled. The very view of  people who are on the other side of the argument and who are in the driving seat now, the very people we claim to fight on the behalf off.

There may be earlier questions you want to chew over, or perhaps focus on how we hear one another’s voice where we disagree so completely. How we value the other, love the neighbour and serve the Lord together, in harmony rather than division.


Feel free to comment it would be good to hear some views. Though if this year gets any more ‘interesting.’ I might take the option to eat, a lot of food, find a warm cave and hibernate until spring!








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